For everyone who cares about the conservation and understanding of our built heritage

Our mandate is the world’s cultural heritage

ICOMOS-UK (the UK National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites) is an independent (non-governmental) organisation working across the UK to advise, encourage better understanding and promote dialogue on all aspects of the conservation and management of our historic environment. Read more about ICOMOS-UK

ICOMOS has been established for over forty years. With your help we can make sure its work continues for the next forty years

What it would mean for us

Help us work for higher standards

Most of our work is undertaken by volunteers who serve on our specialist committees in their spare time. Our small secretariat takes care of the day-to-day running of ICOMOS-UK which includes responding to enquiries, organising and raising funds for events and conferences, servicing the specialist committees, and providing an essential advisory service to many who work in the historic environment and related sectors, particularly to those involved with World Heritage Sites.

By becoming a member you would be supporting the world-wide mission of ICOMOS in the UK, and internationally. All members are welcome to apply to join a specialist committee and support the aims of ICOMOS-UK by offering ideas for new projects and initiatives.

What would it mean to you

Be part of a leading conservation organisation with a global reach

As a member of ICOMOS-UK you will be part of one of the most highly regarded conservation organisations in the world. Your membership would give you an international profile and links to a worldwide membership of over 9000 people from over 100 countries who are also engaged in the care and understanding of the world’s cultural heritage. Membership of ICOMOS-UK will give you the chance to have your say on how we should encourage a better understanding of the value of cultural heritage to societies across the world.


Your commitment:

Members are invited to subscribe to the ICOMOS Ethical Statement (PDF) and the ICOMOS Policy for the Implementation of the World Heritage Mandate, which sets out best practice in professional conduct for ICOMOS members.

Categories of membership and annual fees:

Young Professional (under 30 years of age)* £30
Individual £55
Institutional £300
£260 min

Subscriptions are due on 1 January every year

To join, please email or phone the ICOMOS-UK office to obtain an application form:

Tel: 020 7566 0031

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