In Focus

Reviews and reports of our events, activities and a space for more in-depth news and stories.

Finding the Spirit of Place

Finding the Spirit of Place is an initiative of the ICOMOS-UK Cultural Tourism Committee.  This feature includes a report of the day workshop called ‘Norwich HEART: People and Places’ held at Dragon Hall, Norwich, 6 March 2008.

Action on Skills

‘Action on Skills Training and Education for the Historic Environment’ was a conference organised by the ICOMOS-UK Education and Training Committee.  This feature includes Summary Proceedings of the two-day conference which took place at the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment in London on 29-30 April 2008.

London Views Project

The London Views project was an initiative of the Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens Committee. Its aim is to draw attention to the present beauty of London’s World Heritage skylines and make the archive available for public use.

Our Sacred Landscapes

Our Sacred Landscapes was an evening discussion event, the first in ICOMOS-UK’s series Conversations. It celebrated International Monuments and Sites Day 2008 whose special theme was on religious places and sacred heritage.

Cultural Landscape Management

Cultural Landscape Management was ICOMOS-UK’s 2008 Summer Conference, 12-14 June at the Ambleside Campus of the University of Cumbria. It explored themes related to cultural landscapes and how they are managed using a comparative approach across Europe. These are selected summary proceedings.


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