Who We Are

We have a small secretariat based in our London office, with three part-time paid staff. Our specialist committees, made up of our members, undertake much of the work of ICOMOS-UK on a voluntary basis. Some members represent the UK on ICOMOS International Scientific Committees.

If you are a member of ICOMOS-UK and are interested in joining a Specialist Committee  please contact Susan Denyer (Secretary, ICOMOS-UK) or the Chair of the committee you are interested in.

ICOMOS-UK Specialist Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee acts as the Trustees of ICOMOS-UK. The Committee contains honorary officers, Chairs of Specialists Committees and a maximum of 15 elected / co-opted members who serve for three-year terms. It meets four times a year.

World Heritage Committee

The World Heritage Committee is the focus of World Heritage activity within ICOMOS-UK. It considers issues arising on UK World Heritage Sites, tentative lists, nominations for inscriptions, management plans and monitoring reports. It also advises ICOMOS International and UNESCO, via the Secretary, on all matters relating to World Heritage in the UK.

Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens Committee

The Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens Committee takes a particular interest in the cultural landscape dimension to World Heritage sites. It seeks to raise awareness and understanding of their relevance and significance, and develops and promotes good practice in the recognition of urban and rural cultural areas both in the UK and abroad.

Cultural Tourism Committee

The Cultural Tourism Committee aims to foster an understanding of the nature and significance of cultural tourism in sustaining cultural heritage within communities, focusing on raising awareness of the political, social and economic impacts and opportunities of cultural tourism.

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee considers the changing needs of education and training in the broader field of conservation with an international perspective, particularly with reference to the ICOMOS International Guidelines on Education and Training in the Conservation of Monuments, Ensembles and Sites.

Development Committee

The Development Committee works to develop ICOMOS-UK’s membership and profile. It plays an important role in seeking sponsorship and funding for the work of ICOMOS-UK.


HRH The Duke of Gloucester

The Rt Hon Lord Hankey

Vice Presidents
James Simpson (Vice-President Scotland)
Stephen Hughes (Vice-President Wales)
Mansell Jagger (Vice-President England)


Susan Denyer (also Secretary to the Trustees of INTACH-UK and ICOMOS World Heritage Advisor)

Office Manager
Sheila Christie

Events Co-ordinator
Camilla Massara